Window construction

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I just framed the inside of the window with 1/2" wood strips all the way around, put the plexiglass in, and then put in 1/2" wood strips on the outside.
I'd frame it like a picture frame, screwing the plexi onto the back of the wood. The windows could then be opened from hinges on the top or the sides like a hopper window.
Yup, hinges are by far your easiest route.

Or you could make sliding tracks for it if you are feeling ambitious and own a router or appropriate somewhat-obscure hardware; but remember to allow for wood swelling/warping with moisture changes in the air.

Making single- or double-hung windows like in a house is a Project and probably not really worthwhile anyhow.

Good luck, have fun,

You might consider just trying to find a recycled window. They are left over after people remodel, and are often perfectly good. Many towns have a business that sells recycled building materials, or look for your local "thrift" newspaper, freecycle or craigslist. I've found great windows that were purchased for a home (remodel or new construction) but they changed the design and couldn't use the new windows. good luck.
It is ok to leave the screwed plexiglass exposed on the other side.

If you have a router you could make it so the plexiglas is totally sandwiched between the two pieces of wood, which would eliminate having to drill the plexiglass (which should be done cautiously to avoid cracking), but honestly there is no big reason to have to do that for a chicken coop unless you are just bored

Good luck, have fun,

The 1/4" plexi itself will be rigid enough to act as the bracing. Run a bead of caulk on the frame before screwing it to the frame, helps waterproof.

If it's thin plexi, frame both sides, caulk, screw the frames together with plexi in the sandwich.
You can try this site.
I don't know how big a window you need but you can adjust the size to your needs..


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