Wing Molt Issues

Urban Waddler

May 17, 2018
We’ve been going through a lot of issues with my precious 1.5 year old pekin, Loretta these last months. She has a well monitored case of bumblefoot, she was laying weird eggs, and not getting through her molt well at all. We did an implant to stop egg production to give this little girl a much needed break (she was laying one egg a day, everyday since she started). Through all of this, her energy level, general health seemed perfect. She is such a happy, energetic, playful duck.

A couple days ago, (8 days after implant) she started aggressively loosing her wing feathers—so many. I thought this was a good sign, as she’s been working on it for so long, and I know it can come on fast. Yesterday and today, her energy level is so low, it’s making me real nervous. She is lying in the same spot. She took a little swim in her pond this morning, is still motivated by food, but there’s no denying she’s feeling real low energy, looking exhausted. I know this molt can take a toll, but does anyone have experience with this?

Is this normal to feel so beat? Aside from extra protein, does anyone have suggestions of what I can do to support her health through this? Should this behavior change be more worrisome?

Thank you all for your advice in advance!
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