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Jul 23, 2015
Just today, we noticed that one of our Red Stars had most of its wing ripped off. We're not sure when or how it happened, because we weren't home for the last few days. Its acting normal and doing its normal activities with the rest of the flock. What the best treatment for this?

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Vetericyn Wound Spray from a feed store or 10% betadine on the wound may help. Look for pus, swelling, or a bad odor in case of infection. Keep her away from flies if possible to prevent maggot infestation. I hope she recovers.
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Thanks. We applied some hydrogen peroxide to the wound and It's looking like shes gonna be OK. We're mixing electrolytes in her water and keeping her in the horse trailer overnight so the other chickens cant pick on the wound.
It's been a month and she's still okay. Don't think she's fully healed yet though, there are still strands of dry skin sticking out.
Thankfully no, just dry pieces of skin. I'm gonna take a closer look tomorrow.
Are you applying anything topically like bacitracin or neosporin or anything else?

She may end up with a bald spot from the scar tissue but I don't think it'll bother her and once healed the others should stop pecking it, chickens peck scabs, and go crazy if they see blood (or red nail polish)

Good luck!

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