Wings growing longer than body

Angry Cheekan

Jul 18, 2016
So I'm not a breeder,I don't know much about caring for chicks. I notice it's wings are growing longer than its body. I'm worried it'll end up passing from not developing overtime.

I rescued this baby chick because it had a broken leg. The mother would walk away from it constantly so I took it in. Where I live, there's dozens of wild chickens/roosters all over so its normal seeing baby ones running around. Thankfully its leg is fully healed but I'm afraid to let it out there.

I do have a box with bedding and a heating lamp for it. Maybe its not getting the right nutrients ? As I can't really afford chick food :/ I give it lots of fresh water, bread, rice, oatmeal, seeds. It lays in the sun which shines bright in my room. Even have a dirt patch for it to roll in. I haven't tried bugs or worms yet.

It is about eh 3 weeks old. The siblings seem to be growing fine. Although I notice a few have passed. They are in the wild after all. Doesn't drag the wings but they are longer than the body. :(

I could try to get some chicken feed soon if it helps. Or maybe its just me overreacting idk.

The wings tend to look longer as the chick starts to feather out. Chicken feed starter grower crumbles would be the best feed to make up 90% of it's diet. That will help with bone development, with vitamins and nutrients. If you have a feed or farm store locally, they will most likely sell a couple of different brands. Do you have any friends or neighbors who would sell you a few pounds? It is always cheaper in 50 pound bags ($12-16,) but I would just get a small bag, or if possible, buy it by the pound.

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