WINNER ANNOUNCED Comb Contest 2014 - Walnut

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Submit your best photos of your chicken’s comb and win a 6 month GFM!

We don’t have a set end-date yet for the contests, but the faster we get a bunch of great submissions, the sooner we can pick winners!

To increase your chances of winning, try to get a clear, focused picture, and make sure your photo is of a walnut comb only. Example (last contest's winner):

Submissions Must Include:
  1. A great picture of a chicken’s comb
  2. Breed
  3. Age
  4. Gender

  1. All entries must be submitted as a reply to this thread
  2. The picture needs to be taken by you
  3. Have fun!

If you have any questions about this contest, see the main thread in the contest section.

Ready… Set… GO!
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Quote: That's odd...

How's this?

This is Bruce Lee
He is a Silkie Roo, in this photo he was about 4 months old, as of now he is 9 months old.
Bruce enjoys stamping his feathered feet at his favorite hens, which are 3 Bantam Turkens, and also enjoys snuggling. Such a happy guy!
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This is Snoog Dogg (forward gray colored guy), he is a Sizzle Roo (in the background is Bruce Lee the White Silkie Roo), at the time this pic was taken he was about 4 months old, he is now 9 months old. Snoop likes to snuggle as well, but with his girls. He and Bruce play together well and enjoy the company of their 17 hens.

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