Winter and my chickens in the Yukon territory.


7 Years
Feb 28, 2012
Carcross, Yukon territory
Halloween today and it was fairly warm out so I thought I'd open the chicken door. They were too chicken to come out at first cause they don't like snow but a piece of plywood laid down and some chunks of bread changed their minds. One hen didn't mind leaving the plywood and getting snow between her toes.

It rarely snows here and my chickens will have nothing to do with it. Nope, No sir, not going to step foot in the scary white stuff. Mind you, they have absolutely no problems with mud and rain, they may have even grown webbing between their toes. I know it is an understatement to say it gets a little cold up your way, is your coop insulated or heated? Beautiful chickens!
Hi. I just started chicken farming, lol, in Mendenhall. We inherited the chickens when we purchased our new property. Our chickens have a winter pen for fresh air which is under cover and I lay down straw so their feet don't freeze. they love going out in the fresh air during the day. mind you it has been no colder than -18 so far! I am learning fast how to look after them. We are on solar power and they have a propane monitor which is not yet turned on and seem to have no problem. 40 of them with one rooster! they are laying eggs but not many at this time. lots of snow out here already. If you have any tips or hints with regards to raising these chickens and getting them to lay more eggs, or for where to get food and straw cheaper, let me know ok? Thanks.
All the chicks came from an Alberta hatchery. They're Red Sussex cross. The cockeral turn out white looking like a Columbia rock. That must be what they cross them with. Nice hardy breed for our Canadian winters.
Yes they sure have grown up into beautiful boys. They were all born the last week in May so they're still young. I didn't think they'd get so big but they are dual purpose birds. I guess you can eat em too, but they're my layers. The roosters are just company for the girls.

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