Winter broilers still terrified of snow!

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by Life is Good!, Feb 3, 2014.

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    I've raised broilers during all seasons - including a really wet Fall that turned to snow in October here (2months early!).

    But this batch of Colored Rangers is beyond my comprehension! Out of 26 chicks, 24 are cockerals. And they WON'T go outside! I've even gone so far as to move their feed outdoors - and they simply refuse to leave the warmth and comfort of the coop! It's wacky weird.....

    Anyone else have this? They've only got another 3wks to go until processing. I don't wish to be inhumane....but they WON'T go out!

    Yes, I've tried pushing them out the pop door. Never seen such a back-up in my life as those little fluffies making a beeline back to the coop! Yes, I've put their most favorite treat EVER outside. Nope, they all stared at it longingly - and it froze. Not a beak was marked in it (oatmeal with raisins).

    Now, they're getting so big, the coop is a disaster in just a few days. The bedding costs are getting out of hand! Ugh.

    But no ma'am, no sir - they're NOT going out! Sounds like a Dr. Seuss story in the making.....
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    Some of my chickens refuse to touch the ground if there is snow on the ground. Is this what's happening with your broilers? In this case, I'd put down straw or shavings over the snow in the hopes that they'd walk on that. Other than that, I'd suggest literally locking them out of the coop for the day, then letting them back in at night.
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    Jan 24, 2014
    I live in a place where there is seldom any snow, and we raise broilers through the winter months.

    This year, not one would go outside the coop no matter what.

    Other years, about half will venture outside.

    Our coop is permanent and ground is soft sand with exception of shavings we use for first week of life.

    Who knows, but if my food, water, and comfort all inside, why go outside?

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