May 9, 2015
I was given two Peking Ducklings three weeks ago because the previous owner realized that they could not handle the chirping (crying) LOL! They knew I had a huge pond to release them at. I thought, no problem, I will raise them then release them to the wild. I fell IN LOVE with them, they are so spoiled. They range freely outside all day, swim at their pleasure, and are growing very fast! I intend on releasing them to the pond with supervision within the next week or two.

I need advice on winter care, I do not have a garage, or any other means of housing other than placing a crate, doghouse, or something near the pond for them. I also plan on moving to TX within the next few years and am worried that they will not survive on their own.

If someone feels this is inhumane to do to these tamed ducks, please tell me for I need to find them a home.

Hi and welcome to BYC! Bless your heart for taking in somebody else's unwanted ducks. They really do make great pets. Unfortunately domestic ducks like Pekins can't fly so releasing them to the wild is more like a death sentence. Even if they spend the night on the pond, lots of predators can and will swim out to get them. Or in the winter, they will walk right out on the ice. If you don't have the resources to be able to lock them up at night to keep them safe, then rehoming them might be a good choice.
Lots of animals like to eat duck. They need to be in a safe place all the time. I agree with Smurfbrew. If you won't be caring for them for the rest of their lives, please find someone who will.

There is a free rehoming forum, a Where Am I Where Are You forum, and even a local vet may be willing to get the word out that they need a home.

If you decide to commit to caring for them long term, there are abundant resources here on the Duck Forum to help you get it done.
Do you think that it is likely that I will be able to find someone on here willing to take them in? Like I said, I don't want to risk their safety, I will feel very uneasy about it because of the advice I have received here and elsewhere. I did not know that they would be this domesticated. :(
You are very caring, and that is wonderful. Many many adoptions happen all over the world. Some animals get dumped and come to harm. Many find homes.

So, if you think you need them to have a different home, the sooner you start looking the sooner they will find one. They can steal our hearts, they can.
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