Winter Cleanup 2010 - Post Counts May Drop

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    Hey everyone!

    BYC continues to grow like crazy and we're so very thankful to see so many new friends joining our community every day! We're expecting this next Spring to be a super huge record breaker!


    We've also got a lot of great discussions going on. In fact, we're close to reaching an amazing milestone: 5 MILLION POSTS on BYC!

    BYC has proven to be a fantastic place to learn, but also to enjoy chatting with friends. We've found that many of these social posts, while really fun, are also rarely referenced. They end up hanging around on the server, our daily backups, etc. for years. For this reason we're doing a bit of Spring.... er... Winter cleaning and organization. Part of this organization will be removing some of the really big game threads and off topic, chat-like threads. NOTE: We usually don't remove threads where there is information that is often referenced and that people enjoy going back to read. A great example is the super huge longnormous thread: Okies in the BYC . A good example of threads that will be removed would be the "Count before the staff post" or "word game" threads.

    As we do the cleanup you may see your post counts drop, especially if you participated in those thread a lot.

    We'll probably be doing this from time to time to keep the forum super fast and streamlined.

    Thanks everyone for making BYC the best forum in the world! [​IMG]

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    My post count needs to be shrunk a bit anyway. I don't mind. [​IMG]
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    BTW, to put 5 MILLION posts into perspective:

    If you posted 1 time every minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year it would take you NINE and a half years to post 5 million times!

    If you wanted some sleep and time off... say you only wanted to post every minute, but during a standard 40 hour work week, it would only take you 40 years to post 5 million times!

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    Quote:[​IMG] Wow.
    *Tries to calculate how much space the db would take with 5kk posts*
    *Gives up*
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    Quote:Please don't. I'm always going back to extremely old threads('07s) from our initial BYCers. Very good, straight to the point, informational threads.

    Quote:I'm kind of confused here. Is the Okies thread an example of an informational thread or an off topic, chat-like thread?

    I apologize if this question sounds ridiculous. I've been told I have issues with deductive reasoning. [​IMG]
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    There is a bit of subjectivity involved in which threads we remove, but also quite a bit of quantifiable data (for example web statistics) that help us determine which threads are subject to removal.

    To be clear, it isn't really an issue of "off or on topic" as much as the content within the threads and a plethora of other factors that we take into account.

    The "Okies thread" is an example of a thread which we are NOT planning to remove.

    The "Count how high", "Word game", etc. threads are examples of threads that definitely fall into the "cleanup" category.
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    I think mine might shrink back down to New Egg.

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