winter, cold weather?

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5 Years
Sep 6, 2014
Hi was wondering during the winter months do i continue to let my chickens go in and out of the coop as pleased and be outside in the cold or should I lock them up inside the coop for the winter?
I live out in the country, so my hens get to free range during the day. Now, when the weather gets nasty, they will stay inside on their own, but they can go out if they want to. Some of them act like they're scared to death of the snow. I do have an attached chicken run that has a roof over it. I'll put some tarps around it to ward off the cold winds, that way they can go outside even if it's nasty out.
I am worried about my chickies this winter!!! I purchased a coop and I am not sure about the integrity... I have read and been told a bunch of times that it should be fine and the chickens will be okay but I cant help but being worried!!!!

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