Winter Descends


12 Years
Dec 6, 2008
Hafford, SK, Canada

We went from nice and warm to winter in 24 hrs.

Moved a foot of heart attack wet snow that if would have been normal SK snow would have been easy 2 or 2-1/2 feet.

water birds are enjoying the last of the open water but tonite is supposed to be -12°C so looks like into the pen for them. Will try and see how goosies do loose before confine to pen. Besides their pen is full of roosters I haven't gotten around to butcher yet.

Firewood is done so am ready for whatever comes

The cold weather is coming here over night. Although it won't be quite as cold and no snow ... yet.

My geese don't seem phased by cold weather. They are in a fenced area with a shelter, and I have never seen them use the shelter over the years.

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