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    Sep 11, 2019
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    Hello. I have a new flock of 5 Sex-Link Brown layers. We live in northern Alberta Canada. We have created a coop with good ventilation and a large outdoor run. Both have wood chip floors. My question is in the winter when snow gets deep and we have prolonged periods of -30C I anticipate my girls will spend more time indoors. Do you typically keep a dust bath inside your coop for them to use in the winter?
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    If you have room for it inside the coop I'm sure the girls would appreciate it!
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    In my old set up, I kept a very large tote of peat moss, wood ash and some soil in a sheltered area of the run. Obviously, they make a huge mess when dust bathing. Your coop would be a huge mess if they regularly dust bathed in there.

    ETA: I kept the dust bath in the run, not the coop.
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    I did, they barely used it...quit putting it in there after a couple years.
    I have a 4x8 sheltered area in the run(under the coop), it stays dry thus unfrozen and they can dust bathe there all year round.

    Is your run covered with a solid roof?
    Pics of your coop and run might garner more suggestions.

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    I have sand in my Run and it's covered in hardware cloth plus a tarp. In winter I wrap my Run in vapour barrier plastic.
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