Winter incubation set, anyone else!!


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Jul 7, 2011
Just set 50+ chicken eggs and 20 turkey eggs. Anyone with me for this winter hatch!!!!!!
Bator almost at capacity for the setup we have in there. Just wish we had some Americanas to go in there. Now just have to build yet another coop for these. I guess we have time since almost a month in the bator and 2 months in the brooder!!!!
Ive set my first ever eggs
there due january the 19th, carnt wait! Ive set 12 mixed marans. I tried and candled today, dont have a clue what im looking at but its dark on one end lol. Ive been given a good thread with pics of candled eggs..
I'll join! Just got 12 standard Faverolle eggs from NoneSuch Farms. This is my first time hatching, and I'm so excited! I'll either put them in late tonight, or early tomorrow.

Edit: Im going to try to keep pictures of my first hatching venture. Got the eggs in the bator, so time for the first pic!

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I'll join in as I need hatch buddies! This too is my first time. I am going to set 17 silkie eggs that arrived yesterday. I dont know how I'm going to be able to wait 3 weeks to hopefully see my new chicks!

I got a hovobator genesis for Xmas and this is my 1st hatch ever.... I'm excited and nervous. Anybody else using this incubator?
Just set 12 eggs 4 blue wyandote 1 cochen and 7 mixed. This is my first set ever and It is in a homemade incubator. So here is to hoping I hatch some. So if I set at 1:00pm do I start counting today? So lock down is on the 25th or the 26?
I'll be setting a bunch of eggs (Silkie, Bantam Cochin, Mutt) this evening. Had to borrow someone's bator (Thanks Beth!) and am excited to give it a try. This is my FIRST time. I've raised chicks from birth, but never hatched before. Hubby and son are STILL working on finishing my (first) coop, so my laying girls are still in my brooder! This is my way of saying "GET'R DONE!!!!"

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