Winter is coming what do I do

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    Apr 22, 2012
    ]I am a first time chicken owner and I live in western Wisconsin and it gets cold. Here are some pictures for my coop. There is like a big tarp over there run because we had a hawk problem. But the tarp won't be there in a couple weeks cause we are putting up a real roof. I just need to ever thing you think might be useful for me to know tips,how to keep out wind,what's the best thing to do to keep the coop warm,or just anything that is useful info. That would be great thank you for your help.

    I will post the pictures soon
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    Angle the roof away from the run, so the water drains away not in.
    The North side is considered a cold side - the south side is where the sun will sneak in to warm things.
    If you can use transparent material to let light in, that's a good thing.
    I have photos in my links if you'd like to see what we did.
    Our roofline drains into the run and we've put up a gutter & modified it again today.
    Good luck!

    Edit: You can pile hay bales around the outside edges to block wind too.
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    On the roosting side, make sure theres no drafts to keep cold air out.
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    Own only cold hardy breeds.
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    Welcome LuLu313 [​IMG] from San Diego....

    Lots of draft free ventilation..... They handle cold pretty well but moisture built up in the coop is a Baadd thing. The Straw bales are an excellent seasonal option and you can use the straw later for mulch or even bedding.


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