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Aug 31, 2008
Binghamton, NY
I am looking for some breeds of chickens that lay during the winter. I live in upstate NY and have looked over this site tons of great information. Out of the breeds listed as winter layers, which ones do you recommend as being pretty consistant?
I was wondering if I needed to add light to the layer coop this winter to keep my young girls laying. I have BO as well.
My Cochins laid all last winter just fine without any additional light but I also have only a 3 sided coop for them. The south side is left open with only wire so they got morning til dark light in there and were allowed to free range.
I am hoping a lot of my new pullets of the many different breeds will do well for most of the winter.
I have heard that light plays the most important part of winter laying but those Cochins didn't seem to have a problem. Goodness knows they certainly don't get cold!

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