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  1. Beginner2015

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    Oct 24, 2014
    Anyone know any good winter laying breeds I live in GA and it dosent get that cold but it gets below freezing at night and my birds stop laying

    Exept for a game hen I had lay two eggs the other day randomly
    Anyone k ow why she would do this
  2. spitfirecream15

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    Dec 3, 2014
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    Maybe try some Chantecler. They are a dual-purpose laying breed and they are WONDERFUL in cold climates. They originated in Canada they are critically endangered and they only come in 2 colours but they are great birds. I am hoping to get some in the spring myself. They are supposed to lay well in winter, according to what I've heard. Finally remember that in order to keep laying consisitently hens must have at least 10 hours of light in the winter. I have a red heat lamp that is on all day in my chicken coop and my Leghorns are still laying. So maybe try putting a light up for your chickens.
    I don't know why your hen would just lay a couple of eggs out of the blue like that! How old is she?
  3. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    Sometimes first year layers will lay all winter without supplemental lighting, sometimes they won't.
    Older layers need 14-16 hours of light to lay regularly thru winter. Last winter I used a 40 watt incandescent light(this year I am using a CFL) that comes on early in the morning to provide 14-15 hours of light and they go to roost with the natural sundown. Last year I started the lighting increase a bit late(mid October), the light should be increased slowly, and the pullets didn't start laying until late December. Here's a pretty good article on supplemental lighting. Some folks think that using lighting shortens the years a hen will lay, I don't agree with that theory but I also plan to cull my older hens for soup at about 3 years old.
  4. Beginner2015

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    Oct 24, 2014
    Idk how old she is she has spurs so maybe pretty older she surely isn't a pullet she's maybe 3-5 maybe older my cousins hens keep along time
    She's a grey mix
  5. ella&clara

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    Sep 18, 2010
    I have Americanas. I don't think they are known for being winter layers, but I have 3 3.5 year old hens, and I usually get one egg out of the group daily during the winter. I think that's pretty good, especially since my others (Barred Rock and Buff Orpington) lay much more infrequently.

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