Winter time Molting Khaki Campbells

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by sprky40, Feb 13, 2015.

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    Jul 6, 2014
    I'm having a bit of an issue with my very soon to be 1yr old Khaki Campbell Ducks, I got 2 ducks and 1 drake. My oldest of the two ducks started molting approx a month ago and I believe she is done, but now the problem is that I think my other duck is starting to molt as well. My oldest of the two quit laying eggs as soon as she started and then the youngest quit laying eggs approx. 2-3 weeks ago. It's been very cold here in central Pennsylvania so we've been keeping them in our heated garage all winter with leaving them out on decent warmer days. But my main question is that my drake has lost his curled tail feathers and need to know if drakes can go through a molting period as well. Any idea on my situation because I haven't gotten any eggs in some time now, unsure how long it may be until they start again and does this effect the fertilization of the eggs from the drake.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and any answers would be greatly appreciated!!!![​IMG]
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    They can really cause us to scratch our heads, can't they?

    Yes, drakes will molt - losing their curly feather first sometimes. My drake is just starting to get his feathers back in. And one Buff girl is about even with him, and then there are about four Runners in various stages of molt, and I think one more Buff may be getting ready to molt, and it's 7F outside. But for many reasons the flock is in a pen in the walkout basement, and that stays at 40F this time of year. Whew.

    Some of the flock are just not very cold hardy, so everybody gets to sleep in the basement pen, and stay in if the daytime temps are too cold. We go out for walks, but several of the ducks cannot stay out for very long at a time. But they are healthy.

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