Winter Weather Advisory HELP


Mar 31, 2019
Hey guys! So I have two backyard chickens right now - yep just two. We had more but a dog got into the yard and these little hens are the remainder, we almost just had one but Red pulled through. It was too late into the season to get more chicks, so we decided we would get more next year. We have a freak blizzard weather warning this weekend and I was wondering if I should bring the chickens in. These chickens have been outside since late spring early summer, so the lowest temperature they have experienced (in their whole lives) is about 45 degrees. This weather warning is telling us to be prepared for temperatures into the negative 40s, not even taking into account the wind chill. I'm worried there arent enough chickens for them to keep eachother warm, so should I bring them inside?
They should keep themselves warm. Do they have an adequate coop or place to go into?

Since there will be a drastic drop in temperatures without an acclamation period I would definitely watch for excessive shivering, or what looks like shocky behaviors. Be prepared to bring them in if necessary. I would normally say no, but this may be one circumstance when it's better to bring them in or give them a heat source. A properly acclimated chicken shouldn't need that in most instances. Use your own judgment.

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