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    I have 3 chicks in side under heat lamp, ages ranging from 2 months and 1 month old. I live in southwest Iowa and it sure is cold. My outdoor coop with the adult rooster and hens is winterized. Can I introduce these 3 chicks yet? Or do I need to keep these chicks indie until spring? Usually the high temp is 35 f and lows are 20 f (for now). Any suggestions on what to do?

    Thank you Kim
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    Definitely wait until they are all at least 5 weeks old and fully feathered before they go outside. Also, wean them off the heat lamp at 4 weeks old and get them used to indoor temps. Next, take them outside during the day for an hour for the next transition. If they start to huddle or look cold bring them in.

    When you take them out to your flock they will have to live under a cage for a couple of weeks so your current chickens can get used to seeing them and then be more accepting.

    NEXT, when they are let out with your flock make sure they have a place to run and hide to get away from the big chickens if they try to go after them.

    Hopefully someone else will post if I missed anything! Here's an article to read too:

    Good luck!
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    Hi :welcome

    I agree with bridebeliver but I would wait until your chicks are fully grown before adding them using the link left for you. When your chicks are fully grown they have a better chance of defending themselves against the older birds as there will be pecking order scuffles at first.

    Good luck with them.
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    At 8 weeks and 4 week old, they would need to be kept separate from the older birds in the coop until they were of a better size to defend themselves.
    You can fashion a place where the chicks can get to to eat drink be safe that the older birds can't get into.


    The drastic change in temps between a under a heat lamp in the house and outside temps that cold is what is of most concern here.

    You're going to have to plan carefully if you expect the chicks to survive being outside.

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