Winter with my Chickens


9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
Ok. So my chickens refuse to come out of the coop. We just got about 6 inches of snow yesterday. And it's like 15 degrees. I don't blame them ya know but I just want to make sure it's normal. I have a heat lamp over there and a regular light that I keep on bc I heard they need more daylight to lay and it has definitely worked. They were only laying 2 eggs a day and now after the lights been on for about 3 weeks they lay 12 a day from 13 hens. I also put my 5 chicks over there about 3 weeks ago they are 10 weeks old now and seem to be doing good with the older ones. The only thing is I think 3 of the 10 wk olds are Roos. We'll see though. This is my first winter with chickens! And I'm wondering if anyone uses heated waterers? Bc mine freeze everyday.
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After the first snow, it took my chickens 2 days to decide that they weren't going to die by setting foot on the ground. In the meanwhile, I made sure to have water and feed available to them in the coop (room service?).

I bought a second waterer because I don't have electricity to my chicken area. In the morning I bring out fresh water, bring the frozen in to thaw. In the evening I do the same. Works well for me. I go out there to collect eggs anyhow, so this isn't an added chore.
This is my first winter with my chickens too,we have not had snow yet,but I am dealing with the frozen water also,there is a homemade heater that is made from a cookie tin,I think I might have to do that.Cause it is no fun hauling water when the hose is frozen.
Ok. I did the exact same thing last night. Bc usually I keep 2 waters out there one in coop and one in run. The food is always in the coop for them. I run about 5 extension cords to my coop for there lights lol. The one I thawed in my kitchen and woke up to water everywhere. Lol. Thank you.
That's a good point. I'm using plastic 1-gallon waterers, and I set them in the sink to thaw. Thanks for metioning the miniflood, I would have probably flooded my kitchen eventually. Maybe I still will!
I would not advise supplemental heat, but I'll leave that one alone, for now.

I do use the heated water base and run a 100 foot extension cord to the coop for that.

To get the girls to come outside after it snows you will need to shovel the area where they'll be running around in. It doesn't have to be perfect, but shovel the major inches off of it. I've also found that to "trick" them into coming outside you can throw shavings from your coop or a piece of hay on the ground outside their pop door. That way they see it and know there's solid ground there. To entice them more, start throwing black oil sunflower seeds on the shavings or hay. Instant biddies outside!

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