Wintering Free Range Ducks in Indiana?


Oct 12, 2018
I have 4 ducks. This is their first winter. They free range. Always have. They do not use a coop at night. Pretty much do their own thing. They have access to food and fresh water all day long and virtually no predators. What should I do with them this winter? I live on a farm. There are lots of buildings for them to go into, but they usually do not go in them. They also have a small duck house/shelter, but I very rarely ever see them use it. Several people have told me I need to pen them in. I hate to do that since they are so used to being able to do what they want. Any tips or suggestions for when it is really cold and snow is on the ground?
Thanks @Trish1974 But this will be my first winter as well.

The majority on the duck forum just say to provide them shelter to get out of the wind. Straw can help. Mine are confined to a run most of the day, but only go into their house at night because I make them. :D
I will be placing straw in areas where they will be able to get out of the wind and in their house if they want to hunker down.
Ducks generally prefer to be out in any weather vs being cooped. What type of ducks do you have?

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