Wire bottom on coop level??


9 Years
May 26, 2010
I've been researching some coops (I actually think I am way over thinking this, but I'm bored and restless, so...), and I see some pictures of people that design coops with the first second floor (not on the ground, but the level above) as wire. Doesn't this hurt the chickens feet to walk on?

here is an example from a fellow builder:



9 Years
May 18, 2010
Semora NC - on the VA line
it won't hurt their feet if its small guage (1/2" or 1/4") hardware cloth. Most chickens don't stand or run around their coops, they sleep and roost at night or go in during the day to lay eggs. Or as a safehaven from rain/snow.

wire floor has alot of advantages as the poo falls down on the ground making it easier to clean up (i have a rabbit cage like this and I put down a plastic tray underneath to collect his poop so i can just pick it up, throw on the compost pile, wash it, and return it.) reduces smell if the area underneath is kept clean and your not going to have bedding thrown in food dishes or water containers either.


11 Years
May 23, 2009
Sorry, but poop isn't going to fall through 1/4 or even 1/2 inch openings. Most of it will stick to the wire and then you'll have to scrape it off. I sometimes need to keep my tiny bantams in bird cages with wire bottoms at night, and every morning instead of simply dumping the cage tray I have to clean off the wire bottoms. It's a pain. I imagine the problem would be even worse with standard size chickens and their standard size poop.

In my opinion, droppings boards or trays are the way to go for ease of cleaning.

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