Wire floor for chicken tractor

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    Jul 22, 2016
    What are your thoughts on hardware cloth flooring for a chicken tractor? I have seen several designs for elevated chicken tractors with open wire floors. It seems like this design would lessen the weight of the coop, add ventilation, reduce the need for cleaning and bedding, and allow the droppings to fertilize the ground directly. Since the coop moves, feces wouldn't build up to noxious levels. However, I live in a cold region (IN) where we usually get a few winter weeks of -5 to -10 degrees farenheight. Would the floor need to be made solid for winter? Would this design pose other risks to chickens, like sore feet?
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    Issues include sore feet, toes pulled off by raccoons (YES, it happens!) and the poo really doesn't go through the hardware cloth. In other words, it's a poor design. Mary
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    Ditto Dat^^^

    And tractors aren't real well adapted for harsh winter climates....you'd probably have to park it during snow season.

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