wired floor without wood ?

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    Mar 21, 2017
    Hi ,

    Because I had to slope my old coop I'm busy building a new one but it is limited area and space now in my (not bog nor little ) backyard .

    I 've seen online coops for sale without wooden floor to prevent pests plus good ventilation and also it keeps out predators more , so it was written and I kinda have to agree on that one but I wanted to know some opinions about it as it is not really comfy in my opinion as well ...

    So I was thinking about the following : the walls in wood , same aplies for the front , meaning 2 doors that can be opened up by daytime and some kind of 'pvc plate ) for the roof because it lets light come in too and is fully waterproof but I wanted it like this : the front with doors higher and the backside a bit smaller where inside the roosingbars come and acces to nestingboxes I can open up on the backside self , then the floor in indeed wire but with bars in wood , like roostbars but only on the cagewires and lots of flooring to get it comfortable yet with enough ventilation then .
    Any ideas or toughts on this system of coop ? I'm not totally sure it will be good but I have seen they sell quite good . ( but have no nesting boxes while I like to add nestingboxes and roostbars )
    plus I also tought about the fact it is indeed very hygienic and since it is only to sleep in and lay I assume it could be a good option ?? anyone having this kind of coop ??
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    What do you mean by these words? (the bold ones)
  3. strangeanimal

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    Mar 21, 2017
    hi , well I had to break down the old coop as it was standing on ground that is going to be used for houses , (english is not fluent I know , sorry ) , so I have to use my (smallLER) backyard , which is a big difference in space ofcourse , I can really only keep a small flock now but also small coop , my yard is not big but also not small , for Belgium it is more 'average sized ' yet I think it is small ... regards out of Belgium , V.
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    May 8, 2017
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    My biggest concern with an open bottomed coop would be if it was warm enough in the winter time. What do the temps get down to where you are?

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