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10 Years
Mar 9, 2009
I am sure that you have heard me mention that I am on dial-up (grrrrrr). I have a Wireless 1390 WLAN Minicard. There is supposed to be a virtual modem in Windows 7, so my question is: how do I try to see if I have a wireless connection available? It is in device manager, but not in network connections. I am clueless.
I am not sure if this is anywhere close to the answer to your question. We recently had a neighbor with a new portable wifi hot spot 4G gizmo come over and walk through the house with it and her lap top to see if she could get any sort connection. There was so-so reception in one corner of one room. Bought one of the gizmos ourselves last month and switched from dial-up. Works ok as long as it is not too foggy, rainy, or cloudy. The Internet is a whole new world at high speed! This is a very long way around to say that it might be easier to to try a laptop already set up for wireless to find out if a wireless connection is available. Getting our old imac set up with a card for wireless took a bunch of software updates. Hope this is helpful!
I think what I am asking is that I think that my computer is set up for it, but I don't know. How do I tell? Maybe it's not set up for it, but it has the capabilities. How do I do it?
fuzziebutt --> Are you trying to connect to the internet via a wireless network? Are you trying to wirelessly connect to dial-up?

The "virtual modem" thing in Windows 7 isn't like the modem in your computer that you use to connect to dial-up. It's something completely different, used for something pretty geeky, I guess, not for the average user. Someone with more "uber-techie" knowledge with me will have to explain exactly what it is.

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