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  1. unkadan

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    good morning folks

    well last night I had 9 chicks out b4 midnight,,,,it was late and I had shut this down,,,,this morning another out and 2 more pips, so for a first hatch I consider myself lucky already, we'll see how it goes the next 2 days

    here's a pic of the mascot, only one that is this lighter color (blue?) and it does have feathered legs,,,so ?,,,all of these chicks came from the BCM roo,,,,I picked the largest dark eggs I had at the time, so the hens were Blk Langshan, and BSL's,,,,one of the chicks is the nicest yellow Easter chick you have ever seen,,,SO apparently I did have one egg in there from my Buff Orphington or not,,,lol Anyway it's been interesting and my DD Leslie really got into it yesterday on her day off


    the color isn't the best in this shot,,,we'll work on that later
  2. jvls1942

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    Oct 16, 2008
    cute little roo there Dan...

    EartLady nice start for your fur coat.. Call Tom for pens.. Where is Tom BTW ?? and Deb ? by now she should be thawed out..

    am waiting for a phone call and then I am off on a road trip to Wittenburg..

  3. unkadan

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    roo schmoo,

    I know it's early for you Jim have another cuppa and clean your glasses
  4. farriersgirl

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    Jan 22, 2012
    That pic is hilarious poor little pig [​IMG]
  5. vishnu kokareko

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    Mar 24, 2012
  6. vishnu kokareko

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    Mar 24, 2012
    hai amigos[​IMG]
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    Sep 1, 2010
    Albion, Wisconsin
    Morning Everyone!
    The sun is shining the birds are chirping and today is the day to mow the lawn. I hate being the only person in the neighborhood who has not mowed when everyone else has....nothing like imagined peer pressure!! LOL!! Plus I'm starting to see dandelions....gotta those whacked before I get a lecture from the Old Man Neighbor!

    The Girls are good and I think Minnie the RO is thinking on brooding. Hmmm....I tossed her off the nest and if she is back on tonight, I'll think I'll toss her is a wire cage and see if that breaks her brood. I hate doing that but after the SG drama, I'm don't want to deal with a broody hen again. I just told DH and he said "Oh goody....stick quail eggs under her".[​IMG]

    I need to clean out the meatie brooder again. They are so messy. And stinkie...

    Ok...much to do and daylight is a burnin'

    ETA: Welcome to the Newbies

    EL-good job on trapping the mink. He'd make a great muff for winter....
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  8. babylady4

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    Mar 30, 2009
    Central WI
    Oh boy, better get moving. I have a crate to clean and load with some feathered friends.... plus get the back of my car cleaned out for the crate......and no motivation either. Of course, sitting on a bed surrounded by warm furry bodies who purr makes it even more difficult.
    Coffee help me now!!!

    Thanks everyone for your kind words.

    [​IMG] to all the newbies!!!!

    I DO have some good news to report; my oldest has her first job interview!!!! [​IMG] I hope she lands the job so she can start paying some of her bills (like cell phone and eventually car insurance....). I will be like this [​IMG] for her during the interview....

    Ok, I better mosey... later all! Enjoy the day! It looks to be beautiful!
  9. Terri O

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    Good morning! I pulled 5 more from the incubator this morning! [​IMG]THis is more like I thought it would be because of the cooler temps I was holding the whole time. THere are more eggs in there...fingers crossed for them! This morning there is a yellow chick with muffs...perhaps a wheaton ameraucana, and an interesting one that looks black or dark grey with silvery feathers on the back and head. Now that they are out of their eggs I want them to grow up so I can see what they look like!
    I think Dan has the lead with 9...looks like you might be getting the prize....FT, start bundling up your roos...[​IMG] Is there anyone else that hasnt reported their April 1st hatch? Anyone with more than 9?

    Looks to be a gorgeous day! Blue sky and lots of sun! Maybe I will get the cage modified today....yeah, if I get dressed and get out there and get started. I hear ya about the lack of motivation BL4! At least you have the excuse of being sick! I have none!

    Hey DrH...any pips yet? [​IMG] LOL--I shouldnt tease you, you will be crazy enough in a few short days...oh wait. [​IMG] SO the one with the droop-down tail; does it look like just a low carried tail or is it kinda deformed looking and really pointing down? Does this bird have tufts and a beard? There is a roo out there that is part Aracauna or all Aracauna with a few tail feathers. Tufts and a beard too. He is very striking. Get some pics already Man!

    Good job on snagging that little chicken eater! So is it a mink or a weasel? It looks very brown.
    I cant remember what else I was going to say...of course! Oh yeah, CInd I hope your guinea comes back. Perhaps you will be in luck and those others will fertilize your girls and you can hatch some babies! I am beginning to think that the tiny chick is a white guinea...it is just so small compared to the others!
    As soon as I get my other incubator back today and up to temps I am setting more eggs...they will have to be a bit later for the second phase of the Foolish Hatch. I am excited because Tina has been laying eggs now and Tommy is definitely doing the 2 min drill....it takes him longer than any other roo I have seen though...DH says he has balance issues! LOL--

    Well dong want to go out AGAIN so I guess I better get moving here....*sigh* Have a fantastic day! TErri O

    (PS) I think having lots of chicks in the TV is way more fun that just three!
  10. babylady4

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    Mar 30, 2009
    Central WI
    Ready to roll!

    BigZ, I'll wave at ya while I speed on by on my way to Marion.

    TO, thankfully I am on the other side of this bug so I have more energy than I did. I swear I have the crappiest immune system going! I had 3 others in the house with this same bug and they were over it in 3 days!!!!!!!!!

    Gotta run!

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