Wish Lexa & I luck!!! (PICS of the incubator FILLED!!)

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  1. BellLisamo

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    Feb 7, 2009
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    WAAAHHOOO! Lexa came by today and dropped off 42 eggs, and we both filled the incubator with eggs both her and I collected. So here are the final pics, of the incubator my husband built.

    If you look in the very bottom, those are my eggs that are suppose to be hatching this weekend from sportees,allaboutdemchicks, buckcreekchickens & ky chicken fan. (Those are the eggs that survived the temp spike in the L.G.)

    Huny (Lexa) posted what hers are a few posts down....

    So without futher adeu....

    See the little light on the top?? [​IMG] It lets me know its on!

    a view from outside!

    Look at the eggies!!!!!!
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    Nice bator!
  3. Scraps

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    How many eggs did you put in there?!?!

    Looks awesome, good luck on the hatch!
  4. BellLisamo

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    Feb 7, 2009
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    Quote:OMG!!! I didnt count! I would say easily 140 eggs???

    Most are from my mutts! But i bet they will be precious. The daddys are a giant barred cochin roo, and a giant buff orpington. Some of the moms could be polish, leghorn, mix bantams... and who knows!

    Lexa, care to tell everyone what you dropped off today???
    All i remember is silkies, old english and buttercups.
  5. Huny

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    Oh I am SO happy my eggies have a home for the next three weeks!

    I brought half of my shipment from GATEKEEPER

    Old English
    Salmon Faverolles
    Frizzle (Frizzle polish I think he said?)
    Speckled Sussex

    I kept the Dutch, Golden Seabrites, and Lakenvelder to keep my incubator full.

    I also brought my silkie eggs (which I HOPE are fertile this time. I still didn't trim the vents) and Columbian Rock Bantams.There is possibly New Hampshire Bantams and Frizzle New Hampshire or Cochin/New Hampshire mutts. [​IMG]

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