Wish my silkie were broody

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Chicken Chickita

10 Years
Jun 1, 2010
Middleboro, MA
My one silkie chicken was the first to lay eggs. I'm so excited! However, I wish she would sit on them. She has a little pile of 6 eggs and no interest in hatching. These are her first eggs. Does anyone know if it takes time for them to want to hatch? Since she's a silkie hen I thought that she would be more likely to be broody.
It might take some time but they usually dont start sitting untill a month afther there first egg and some hens just are not intrested in having a family but since she is a silkie there is a very strong chance she will hatch some eggs for you. good luck with your hen
That's!!! I hope she does! My husband doesn't want to get an incubator so I really hope she decides to hatch some. I'm just dying to be a "chicken grandma!" I've never hatched any and my husband doesn't want to unless one of our chickens gets broody. Thanks!
Be careful what you wish for....once a silkie goes broody, they don't want to stop!

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