Wishing to know best way to cull a 8 month old hen.


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Ok so i have a hen who was attacked by my dog. This was last friday and she is still not walking. I had a post up about it and everything (https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=456726) and i feel she is not getting better. I dont want her to just sit in a box all day cause thats no way for her to live. I was wondering what are effective ways of culling her. I dont think i could bring myself to dislocating her neck and i dont want to do it but i feel like she would be most comfortable with me doing it than someone in my family else who she isn't comfortable with. Is there away i could euthanasia her or something? I dont want her to suffer or be scared while it is happening.
I feel so bad for letting this happen to her.
I would give her a bit more time. She is eating and drinking.

She could have some pulled muscles or torn muscles - those take time to heal, just like in people.

Give her lots of padding in her crate and a bit of time.
Check the wounds, make sure they are staying clean and not becoming infected.
Her wounds have healed. It wasn't like he mauled her or anything. He had picked her up in his mouth and was carrying her away. I dont know if it was to take her to my parents or what cause he has did that when a hawk was trying to take one of my younger chickens, he scared the hawk away and took the hurt chicken to my parents.
I have a little bantam cochin who one day - after setting her in the outdoor run - flapped her wings and flitted over the fence, right into the face of our Mastiff. He automatically opened his mouth and caught her. (He loves her, he really does) She yelled and cried, the mastiff dropped her. Not a mark on her, only slobber - but she could not walk.

The only thing I could figure was she pulled a muscle when he caught her. Took her almost a week before she could walk, I kept her well bedded with food/water in front of her.

The mastiff is not a bird eater, nor killer. He loves that little cochin, he likes to sniff her for some reason
and is left alone with the chickens daily.

It is possible he (the dog) did not mean to hurt her and she just pulled something or pinched a nerve. If you like her, and it is no hardship for you - I would give her more time. A bird that is eating and drinking is a bird that wants to live.

Mastiff laying down in the background

I agree - they go into shock and it's almost coma-like, then they very sloooooowly emerge, sometimes one leg at a time. I would give her the vitamin/electrolyte for a few days and some yogurt

Sounds like he has some good intuition to carry a wounded bird for help
I agree with the wait vote. Especially if she is eating and drinking. Give her some vitamins and electrolytes in her water, a soft nest, some yogurt, or oatmeal (my girls LOVE it!) and keep an eye on her.
I had to kill two of my hens not too long ago as results of a dog attack. They were two of my oldest and were special to me. I just held them each close, slowly closed my hand over their head and they shut their eyes trustingly...and I let their body slowly fall from my arms while I gave a vigorous shake up and then down a couple of times. I felt the neck give way quickly and it was all over. Very quick, no blood, very little movement as I caught them back into my arms and held them as they gave their last quiver.

It was the least I could do for my good ol' hens.
So as i was looking her over today again, i found on her stomach a small welt the size of a dime i didn't find before. It was kinda green and blue and very warm. I dont know what it was and thoughts?
That's a little ominous. A pic would be helpful. If you can't post a pic, can you describe in detail what this welt looks like, smells like?

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