Within the last week- all my chickens have started coughing and sneezing?!?

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    I am in Maryland- right near the Virginia border. Could the humidity in the air and pollen be causing this? I have my chickens in various areas and even the ones at my neighbors house as well as my parents house 10 miles away have started behaving like this- I'm not sure what is wrong! I will give them some apple cider vinegar in their water and get some medication but I don't understand what caused this? If anyone has any ideas on what happened and how I can fix/prevent this please let me know, thanks!
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    If they all came from the same source or someone has been caring for all the birds without handwashing and changing clothing between groups then it is possible that they are all sick with the same thing.

    Your county extension office can help you get some testing done on the flocks to see what you are dealing with. I am not talking about allergy testing, though. I am talking about respiratory disease.

    Good luck.

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