wobbly, sitting all the time chicken. limping.


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I had a barred rock hen that started to lose balance, and sitting down all the time, walking like eggbound. I have 13 hens. All the rest were fine. The barred rock hen got worse day by day and died . Later one of the other hens showed signs of limping, and sitting down frequently. I just happened to see one of the other hens pooping. There were roundworms in her poop. I researched, gave Wazine17. All is well. Please look closely at symptoms. I was about to treat for eggbound.I was wrong. Worms show symptoms of an eggbound chicken.
Be sure to redose -- worm again, the entire flock with a wormer like Valbazen that kills all types of worms.... unless a veterinarian examined the poop and found only roundworms, chickens get many, several kinds of worms and there are very few wormers that kill them all. Valbazen kills all worms, but not mites..
Check the flock for mites as well.. Sevin Dust on each chicken for mites and in a cleaned coop, sprinkled in the nesting boxes, on the cleaned roosts, a bit on the floor or in the sand/dirt of the run, etc...
Worm, withhold eggs.. redose (individually) ten days after first dose.. withhold eggs... Valbazen is given orally, individually, and eggs are safe to eat on the 25th day.. or the 15th day after the SECOND dose..
Wazine is not recommended at all for laying hens... (& only kills roundworms).... I do not know how long to withhold the eggs after using it.. I think maybe I would withhold at least 30 days after Wazine, but others have other opinions. I personally choose not to use Wazine, less effective, more risk, in my opinion.
Worms can cause a variety of symptoms, including death. Eggbound can also cause death. It never hurts a chicken to treat them for "Eggbound", it's simple, easy, safe, and soothing..... it's was a good first step, since you didn't know they had worms at that point. She also could have been eggbound AND have worms as well.
Search here on BYC for subjects from "Eggbound", to "worming with Valbazen", "giving oral medications", "how much Valbazen", look for posts on worming by dawg53... good info there..
Found this interesting site.. look for the section on PESTS, PARASITES and WORMING... http://www.poultryhelp.com/link-disease.html#pests

Best of luck.

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