Women's winter jeans... the impossible find


Nov 21, 2018
A little background: I live in NE and work on a ranch. Winter days can be brutal. Last year I found some flannel-lined straight leg jeans at Bass Pro, and I LOVE them. Now the issue is that the inseam is probably about 31-32" I ride horses a lot, and for me, the ideal inseam is 34". These jeans work, but definitely don't fully cover my boots when riding.
The problem: So I think I'm going to buy more flannel or fleece lined jeans with a 34" inseam. Shouldn't be too difficult, right? No. I only found 2 companies that sell what I'm looking for. The first one is $50 but out of stock of any size that will remotely fit me. The second one is basically the perfect pair. Except they're $100. I'm a college student so... that's not happening. I'm almost considering just buying some low rise guy's jeans. Because yes, there is like a gazillion pairs of men's flannel/fleece lined jeans. So, does anybody know of any good places to find what I'm looking for?
L.L. Bean $69.95. Also I love their silk long underwear.

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