Wondering about ingredients...


Jul 19, 2016
Burgaw, NC
I have some random left-overs from different things, and I was thinking about making chicken treats with them. I started cracking my own whole corn, and as a by-product I wind up with a bit of corn flour, plus I had some things in my pantry that were out of date but I'm sure wont hurt the chickens due to age....quick oats, amaranth, and chia seed. I thought to mix dried cranberries, dried meal worms, some black oil sunflower seeds, and a little powdered milk and a few eggs in with all this and bake it into a bar that can be hung for the birds to peck at. I started researching if all of these were safe to feed and so far only found concern over the amaranth...but since I'm baking it I thought it should be fine. Does anyone see anything else on that list that maybe I should leave out? SOmething I should add in? (I prefer not to have to buy anything since this is really just a way to use things up instead of throwing it away, but it might be something I have on hand already.)

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