Wondering if these really are Cornish Rock Crosses


7 Years
Jan 10, 2013
We raise chickens for eggs, but a new Tractor Supply opened nearby with a variety of chicks for sale, so we decided to pick up some Cornish X to raise for meat.

I got them on the weekend of April 3rd and the guy claimed they were hatched the weekend before on the 27th but I think they couldn't have been more than 3-4 days old at that point (no wing or tail feathers at all). So they're either 3 or 4 weeks old but either way they certainly don't look as big or lazy as any Cornish X I've seen online of those ages.

From a few days ago. One of them is sort of a runt but is steadily growing. I hope she pulls through!

Now this isn't necessarily a BAD thing... I hate how bloated and half-naked most Cornish Cross I see look. But these guys are INCREDIBLY lively and fully feathered. I've been giving them treats like mealworms and some fermented feed as an extra but could that really be affecting how they grow so much? They have a feeder of 24% protein chick feed available at all times but don't seem to be eating as much as I usually see.

Or was accidentally sold a slower-growing breed? They only carried Cornish Rock X, ducklings, bantams and some red-colored breed, so I'm not sure how likely that is but it's a possibility.

above are my cornish x when I first got them

one week

two weeks

These two shots are at 3 weeks.
They are all near or a little over 1lb.

Will be weighing and photographing
this weekend. Yours look nothing
like mine.

I am amazed at how much they eat
and how fast they are growing!
Augh do you really think so?? D: I will be so ****** if they sold us the wrong kind... The signs all said 'Cornish Cross' and everything. I have to stop by for supplies tomorrow so I'll be sure to ask.
Hah, as long as we can still eat them I guess, but ideally I'd return them and get what we paid for.
I bought Cornish X from TSC this year. I only got 6, and they were the last of the shipment. They were 5 days old, and the difference in size even then compared to the other chicks was incredible, and so was the activity level.

The second batch I got from TSC was the same way, except they actually had layer chickens in with them. I brought two of the production reds home the same day, and raised them together. They are still together, and the difference is even more pronounced. They are 4 weeks old, and I will get some pictures for a side by side comparison
If they are white leghorns, you won"t get nearly as much meat. I would go to TSC and get a refund(demand, if you have to)....you definitely didn't get what you paid for.

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