Wondering if this granny needs to put barb wire around the base of my propertys fence...sheesh

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by mominoz, Nov 2, 2015.

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    Well , I went to the trouble of field fencing 11 acres to try and keep neighbors dogs and trespassers out of my land. I have hotwired night pens and extra fenced smaller pastures for my ducks/geese. Grandkids... My old donkey who protected the horses died last christmas ... and my 2 horses have learned to kick. (dogs). I have had a couple neighbors dogs :(think rural; ga. trailers, pitbulls, let 'um roam even though the county has a leash law (poor county), animal control is "you bring it here"... ) seen by my DIL when taking the grandkids on a hike on our property. I had patched 6 or 8 low spots last year and think they have created new ones.
    The trick is catching them , before they roam up closer where my birds are out in daytime. Plus now I am going out armed and didn't really have too before. I was thinking Maybe I could put barbed wire Outside my fence down low (I don't want it inside because of horses. hate the stuff) But I could only do it on one 780 ft. stretch easily (national park side) Can't really hotwire as I would have to backpack and spray often. Very weedy on neighbors sides.

    I once went over to some of them who were shooting over my property, and kinda had to have an officer get involved after the girlfriend said she could shoot where she wanted... the guy was apologetic later. "simple please don't shoot over here , there are people and farm animals." So not really wanting to initiate another conflict.

    Or buy a trap (100$ maybe)? and cart them off.

    Decided I may need another donkey.. last one taught dogs a lesson... but I may have to wait a while to get a decent one free, or pay hundreds for one.....sheesh (paying off college for kid and trying to save for future).

    Also not sure whose dogs they are. There is a road with trailers and houses and another circle of same. Rest is farm/park land. Could even be dumped dogs.

    Any ideas for a 60 yr old granny who is reasonable fit.?
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    As much as I'm not a fan of shooting things, if the neighbors dogs are on your property and causing problems with your livestock - shoot them. Perhaps if the neighbors lose a couple of dogs they might get the idea (I doubt it), but maybe the surviving dogs will. [​IMG]
    If you have the time/energy/inclination you could trap them by baiting the traps - that would remove them humanely at least. Sounds like the neighbors don't care - easy come easy go.
    Is there an animal rescue place around? Maybe they have a donkey for you...
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    In a situation with neighbor's already showing that sort of attitude either ft knox your fencing or.....shoot, shovel, shut up
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    Electric wire or rope with a GOOD charger will work much better than barbed wire, and is a whole lot safer, if you have horses. There's always SSS, and it's too bad for the dogs with such idiot owners. Mary

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