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Hello all,

I was incubating 18 Serama eggs in a Hova bator incubator with egg turner & fan, the temps. were kept at 98 degrees, the humidity was kept at between 40% & 50%. Serama eggs hatch at about 21 days.

At day 17 I removed the egg turner in preperation in for the eggs to hatch. On the 22 day 1 egg hatched, a healthy chick.
On the 24th. deciding that none of the other eggs would hatch I started cracking eggs. I found 5 infertile, I know this happens:) but I also found the rest of the eggs contained fully formed chicks, the yolks were still visable.

My question is what went wrong? Could they have possibly gotten chilled when I moved them from the turner? Even though they were wrapped in a towel?

Or is it that temps., humidity, or the incubator????

Maybe I should just purchase adults & let them do the incubating:rolleyes:

I would love any help anyone wants to give:D
The information that I was reading about how to incubate Serama eggs said that 102 degrees or higher would kill the embryo's, so I didn't want it to get up to 100. But you could be right that 100 degrees is'nt too hot.

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