Wonky but neat Hybrid Colors


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Aug 30, 2009
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My Coop
While I work hard on my Bresse and Marans for consistency in their details, I throw all that out the window with the hybrids looking for other traits instead of feathers and watching how the "genes unfold" through the generations. In breeding both ways simultaneously, it's been a learning adventure.

Here's the oldest babies from the recent batches of Hybrids. They're either Twentse/Legbar (hybrid x's hybrid) or EE x's Twentse/Legbar. I have this chunky/round built little Blue Buff EE that throws porcelain feathers with that cross, I spied some in the next youngest batch.

This cockerel, I don't even know what you call the color he has going on...


His sister... (super friendly, by her choice)



Another pullet... Is that like lacing crashing into barring?

There's some more babies at 1 wk and 2 wks with wing sprouts coming in very different from these. Pulled from the same eggs.

Normally I don't have this many hybrids but the rooster running that coop was lost. He saved his girls and that's his job... so I hatched everything they laid for 3 weeks after that. I don't have the birds to make him again, so this way I can find similar sons.

I'm only keeping what has a Walnut comb, after they grow out more I'll be looking at body type, shopping for width/fullness to hang onto. Bonus points if they're barred, I'd like to steer them towards barred feathers.

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