Wonky Eggs?


Sep 21, 2020
Bergen County New Jersey
Hi All - not sure if it has to do with cold weather (last night's blizzard) (the week before's rain/wind event..) but I found two weird eggs this week. They were both from my Leghorns, I know because they lay white ones and my Buffs lay - well - buff colored ones. A few days ago one of the Leghorn eggs was a bit wonky. Like the bigger side was normal but then the smaller side was a little smaller with a ridge separating the sides. Kindof looked like someone sucked on the smaller side of the egg. Then today I went down and there was a mini-egg in there. Definitely a Leghorn too because it was white but it was like half the size of a normal egg. One of my Leghorns is having a late mold - pinfeathers all around her neck and n big-girl feathers there, and it has been wintery and cold...I have a hunch it is her. She is a bit more frail and "to herself" than the others. I put oyster shells and grit in with their food. What could it be? Should I be worried?


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Apr 3, 2011
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It is best to put grit and oyster shell in separate containers from food, so they don’t take too much, but take it as they need it. I have had a few hens lay so-called fart eggs or wind eggs before, some very tiny. I would guess the molt may be part of the problem. There is a body checked egg that may have been the one with the line through it. Pictures of the eggs may help. Are they getting a layer feed or all flock feed? Here is a good article that shows pictures of common egg mistakes and possible causes:

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