won't go in the coop at night


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Feb 25, 2015
My two newbie cents, the roost bars aren't long enough. All four of my girls like to sleep in a line, all huddled up. And maybe try wider? We had a roost bar two inches wide, and they HATED it, changed it to a four inch wide and they're all happily roosting before i even go shut the door at night
Thanks, that's what I was wondering. I'll see if I can try a new roost set-up this week.


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Jul 13, 2013
Columbia, MO
I think the roosting bars need to be a bit more rounded. Look at your girls' little feet. They are made to go around branches - branches are not rectangular. I also think the roosts should be a bit longer. My girls like to next right next to each other and in cold weather, they keep each other warm. I also agree with turning the light on. We do that early in the evening and then when we go out to shut their door, we turn the light out.
Now, we have only had chickens for a couple of years but these are the things that are working for us.


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May 11, 2010
That's a cute little setup. Is the ladder the only roost for your birds? If so try putting a roost in two corners of the coop. I like to use a 2 x 4 with wider side up. That way if you have a bossy hen who does not like sleeping buddies the other hens can sleep on the other roost. How do the chickens get in the coop? Go up a ramp or hop in? Think like a chicken and keep this easy for them. Make the ramp easy to climb by making sure the surface is not slippery nor too steep. You can also enclose two sides up top to help create a wind break or decrease the size of the openings up top just enough to allow airflow but protect the birds from rain or an especially cold wind.

Also, your birds might have you so well trained that they are waiting for you to put them up for the night!


Apr 19, 2015
I definitely suggest 2x4s. That's what we used on the second roost we built and they like it much better than the xxl round rods we had before.


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Jun 11, 2015
Hey everyone

If someone could tell me where to post a new post would be great but in the meantime I have two chickens and three chicks that are almost 3mo I have two separate coops the chickens and the chicks free range together when we are home and at night the chickens will not go in there coop at night anymore they perch on our deck can someone tell me why they won't go in there coop any more is it because of the chicks?!
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