10 Years
Sep 28, 2009
Eastern Shore, VA
T-minus 14 days until chick arrival!

I've been bouncing around the house all morning. I figured I'd tell y'all because I think my man is starting to think I'm nuts. Haha!

I'm getting:
5 St Run Bantam Blue Silkies
5 Ameraucanas (4F, 1M)
5 Barred Rocks (4F, 1M)
5 RIR (4F, 1M)
5 Lt Brahmas (4F, 1M)

I'm soooo excited. And let me just say that so far my experience with Ideal has been fantastic. I've been e-mailing Mikaela back and forth all morning, and she's been wonderful.

Going shopping on Monday for a few last minute things (like feed, want it to be nice and fresh). Yay! Then test running my brooder on Tuesday. I want it to be running perfectly a week before they arrive so I have no problems.

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