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    [​IMG] My Genesis Incubator and egg turner arrived yesterday and now to set it up warm it up and start the incubation process and see if I can get any cute little woddling peepers hatched. The only thing that didn't arrive yet was my cool candling light. I tried candling last night with some egg saw nice round yolks in them...........OMG my 10yr old just told me he couldn't find all the eggs, which means he probably rolled them or scattered them in the nest. Now what? Does this mean he just destroyed them on the inside and now nothing will develope? Why can't kids listen??? I know he's excited but dang it all! Anyways, she's on her 14 egg laying, but 13 eggs since one was destroyed by a rabbit and still not sitting. She might be one of those 8-20 egg layers.

    Anyway, I'm going to set up the incubator, and pick which eggs to try and incubate, pull them and bring the in the house to get warmer then what they are outside. Any other advise on what to do pre-incubation for the eggs?
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    Ok, I just candled all 12 and that is all she's laid since yesterday. Now 10 out of the 12 no doubt have nice healthy yolks, however the last 2 I'm very questionable on because they have more light that radiates through then the rest, I can't tell for sure, but with the other 10 very nice round yolk. So I will probably put back the 2 into the nest and start from there. Now the 1st one that is a bit smaller then the rest has a nice yolk. So I guess we shall see.
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    Ok, I'm going to incubate 8 of the 12, I put 4 back for her to see if she will sit or lay any more. I also forgot to mention that the last 2 didn't look like they had the best air pockets either as the others.
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    Congrats!! I bet the incubator will make it very exciting [​IMG]
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    I would not incubate the smaller egg. It can cause deformities in the developing bird, because their is not enough space in it. Don't go by air sack size, because that only indicates the age of the egg. The older the larger. Let the eggs sit on your kitchen table for 4 hours so the yolk can settle. When you put them into the incubator avoid the corners and the center of the machine. The corners get less heat and air circulation and the center gets the fan blowing directly onto the eggs. The machine is large, so you can avoid those spots. You may need to clean really dirty eggs just a little bit. Here is what to watch out for: Use water that is 100 degrees so the will be no bacteria pulled into the egg. Do not rub, so you do not remove the bloom on the egg. I use a paper towel soaked in the water, wrap the egg for a few second and simply wipe the dirt off without rubbing. Then I just dry the egg with another towel. Do not turn on the turner once you put the egg into the machine. Wait 24 hours before turning the turner on. Mist the eggs with 120 degree water daily once the turner is on.

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