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silver appleyard addict
13 Years
Mar 4, 2009
waterville , canada
Are you looking for an easy to use website? Don't want to pay webdesingers 100's of dollars? Want to blog and update your website with out any need of that "HTML stuff" Wordpress is a very simple Content Management System. 22 out of every 100 new websites are powered by Wordpress it's much more then a bloging platform now! CNN uses wordpress! I am offering custom wordpress themes for 35.00 Most webdesingers charge a min of 250.00 for a custom wordpress theme!

*As far as i know my themes well work on wordpress.com so to make sure they do i well offer one free wordpress theme for a person that is welling to test for me.

I have designed:

http://silvervalleydesign.com/ (under development)
as well as a few one other.

Most themes only take 3 hours to get to you (of course this depends on how long it takes for you to resond to emails)

I can take Us funds also! (payment via paypal)

please email [email protected]

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