Working a Plasson Poultry Waterer


11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
So hubby found someone selling these and begged me to let him buy 2 or 3 i told him 1 if we like it and it works we can buy 1 more. Anyway we have it hanging in the barn with a bucket of water feeding it. Problem is ive got to go out the morning and night and push up the red part so water will flow out and fill up. So is there a web page that tells you how to use them and trouble shoot them? If not do you guys know what i got to do to keep the water flowing out to replace the water drank.
Those work great in our pens. They are most effective when hanging just off of the ground allowing the water weight to pull down the outer structure which will trigger water flow after the water in drinking tray is removed.
I have one of these and it works GREAT. You adjust it by turning the big threaded nut comming directly out of the top of the bell housing. The nut is white plastic. It screws in and out. Just sit there on a stool and adjust it. I have mine connected to a low pressure - pressure regulator. Place it high enough that the girls have to stand straight up and simply dip their heads into it. Too low and they tend to get stuff in it. If you fill the internal water jug all the way up it won't swing to and fro too much and will be more stable.
Good Luck
I would like to know where you got your watering jugs from. A friend of mine gave me some but one is broken and I would like to replace it with another one.

Thank you


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