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  1. tucker0104

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    Feb 6, 2012
    Charlotte, NC
    I have the base finished for my chicken coop. It is mounted on 4x4s. I have a question about the chicken door. Who has a automatic door? I work 12 hour rotating shift work and can't always be home to open it in the morning and close it in the evening. Do they work well? Do I really need to have the door closed as soon as dawn gets there and the door opened as soon as the sun comes up? Thanks for the help. I have no experience with chickens.
  2. Mahlzeit

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    The door does not need to be closed as soon as it gets dark. Chickens have terrible night eye sight so will not much much after dark. You can close the door when you get home. Closing the door at night is more about keeping predators out than the chickens in at night. Also the chickens don't "HAVE" to be let out as soon as the sun comes up. Hope this helps.

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