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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by libertychickens, Aug 21, 2014.

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    I have been working with my city for the last couple months trying to get my chickens. I am pretty sure it's going to happen...YAY!!! Currently the code is that you have to have signatures from the neighbors that you share a fence line with and you can only have 3. I have one neighbor who is refusing to sign, which stops me from getting the city permit. At the last City Commission meeting they all agreed that the neighbor signature stipulation needed to be removed. The number of hens was another issue. I asked to have it raised to 6, at the meeting they were split 50/50 between raising to 4 and raising to 6. I'm looking for some feedback/information that i could use to help encourage them to raise the number of hens to 6. Any information would be great. Thank you and I look forward to your comments and learning more on
  2. As someone with a long history in matters like this, take what you can get while you can get it. If the anti-poultry crowd has time to organize they may swamp you with petitions claiming that THEIR freedoms will be infringed by allowing YOU to have ANY chickens. Then come back time and time again, when the anti-crowd is dosing, each time taking a little bigger bite of the apple. It will require origination teamwork, and dedication on your part. Just my two ¢¢¢ worth.

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    Here, in rural sw Idaho, the wife and I live in a community of 2600 residents. As of 2006, a poultry ban was enacted because "residents allowed chickens to become a nuisance" but, of course, we weren't aware of this silly ordinance until our henny pennies started laying when we received an ordinince violation. We immediately requested a hearing at city council and on august 13th we presented our case for repeal or revision of this restrictive ordinance using the pet and food security justifcation, as well as conformity with virtually every surrounding community, including our capital city, Boise. Our arguments seemed to be generally well received by city council and the mayor, that responsible homeowners should be allowed small backyard flocks of hens only, regardless of a few bad actors. The first public comment period begins on august 28th and we feel positive of success. In the meantime, our ordinance violation has been put on hold. good luck

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