worm, lice and mite prevention.


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Aug 4, 2012
I am fairly new to chicken raising and need some advice about worm and lice prevention. Is there any type of wormer you folks recommend that is safe and easy to use? I'm currently dusting the food with a little DE about once a week. My large coop has 16 chickens and my smaller ones house 5-8 each. Is there any other way I should use the DE? As far as lice and mite prevention, I've heard about mixing play sand and dirt into a box with a light covering of seven dust. Is this OK...or any other techniques?
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Sep 5, 2011
I use Flubenvet to worm mine, safe, easy and no egg withdrawl but they might not sell it were you are. The natural way for hens to rid themselves of lice is for them to have a dust bath. You can also put wood ashes in a cat litter box/tray and they will dust bath in there.

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