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    Jun 6, 2010
    Hello Everyone:

    While cleaning the poo tray today, I came upon these worms mixed in the birds poo (I'm assuming they are worms - sorry for the graphic photo). I have never wormed, however I was planning to do so this fall, but it looks like I might have to do it now. I just wanted to check with you all to see if my planned course of action is correct:

    First 24 hours, administer Wazine-17 (8cc/qt) - discard the eggs for 14 days.

    1 month later, administer safeguard to each bird (pea size) followed by another 14 days of discarding eggs.

    Does this sound correct? Also, based on the photo is it possible to tell if my choice of medication would be effective (It's my understanding that there are different meds for different worm types). Thanks for your help in advance!


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