Safeguard goat wormer and ivermectin are the two most commonly used, alternately use them. Yes many do keep them up off the ground. It is easier to keep a controlled environment that way.

Safeguard 3-5 mL per gallon for 3 days.
I've always kept chicks off the ground for 4 months. Once I started doing that, not one ever got sick. And when I sold them, the buyer thought they were older than they really were because they were so healthy and large. Peas' immune systems aren't fully developed until around 5-6 months from what the experts have said.
How much ivomectin ..I have the injectable but don't want to inject

I can inject into piece of bread? How many cc's per pea?

Thank u
We use the paste for horses(apple flavored
), small pea size bit right in the mouth. Very small amount used when you consider these are made for large livestock. Others put a very small amount, couple drops between the shoulders on the skin when using pour on.

Also Ivermectin is a little stronger and stays in the system longer. It also helps with some worms safeguard does not as well as mites and other chewing insects birds can get.
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