Worming chickens and incubating eggs.


Star Bright Farm
11 Years
Jul 24, 2008
Brown City, Michigan (Thumb)
Does anyone know if there's a risk with incubating eggs from chickens that have been wormed with pour-on Ivermectin? I know that it doesn't affect fertility, but I am wondering if there's any danger of hatching deformed chicks? I've been told no, but I thought I'd throw the question out there to my BYC family.
Where are all the poultry health gurus that used to frequent BYC? Used to be that no thread such as this was left unanswered. Guess I'll have to go find my answer elsewhere.
Hiya I asked the same question the other day, and no one seems to know. I tried to find the answer elsewhere on the internet with no luck, and thought BYC would be the place!! I have just used the pour on ivermectin and my ladies have gone broody!! Any answers to our questions would be brilliant:) Thankyou

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