Worming chickens is a thing?

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    Dec 26, 2015
    When should i do it? How often should i do it? How do ik if i have to do it, like what kind of symptoms would my chickens have? Also, ive heard a lot about mites. How do i prevent those and treat them? Why do mites happen in the first place and where do they come from?
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    Here is a recent thread where a few of us were talking about worming or not. It got rather heated a few times. Some people feel strongly about worming, some feel strongly about NOT worming. I'm not sure of my position yet. I think I will choose not to worm.


    I think mites happen. Period. I believe they wind up around because of the wild birds. Anyway, mostly your birds can manage to take care of themselves by dust bathing. I offer mine a bin with mixed dirt, Diamateous Earth also just referred to as DE and cooled off wood ash out of the wood burning stove.
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